Every Orphan's Hope 

Children are gifts from the Lord – just because someone rejects the gift does not diminish the value of the gift. God has brought these abandoned babies into our family and we are honored to hold, feed, change, and care for these precious gifts!

Steel Roots Home Decor is blessed to support two children, Joshua & Teresa, who are living in a family home at Every Orphan's Hope in Zambia Africa.  We invite you to learn more about Every Orphan's Hope through the beautiful stories of those who have grown up in thier care.  


"The "firstborn" of our large family, Lubasi was just six years old when he lost his mother and along with her, any hope for his future.

But God had greater plans for Lubasi. He was brought into our first My Father's House family home, where hope for his future was restored and his dream of becoming a lawyer was birthed.

Today, Lubasi has graduated from law school and is now pursuing his dream to become a lawyer in Zambia! What a joy to see how God fiercely advocates for the fatherless!

Your generous support allows all of our other students a chance to pursue their God-given dreams the same way Lubasi has!"

"Our dearest Lisa joined our My Father's House family in 2006 when she was just five years old. 

Lisa recalls those early days in My Father's House with her new family and marvels at how God was so faithful to provide her with a new family, new opportunities, and renewed hope for her future. 

She knows now at age 16 what she did not know when she was five–her God-given love for reading and writing and her dream to become a journalist. We pray that all of our students will discover and pursue their goals and dreams like Lisa is doing."


"Clement's chance of receiving an education passed away when his parents did, but God is a faithful Father to the fatherless. He restored hope where it was lost.

Clement joined our My Father’s House family when he was seven years old and gained a new family, an opportunity to attend school, and a new hope for his future. By God’s grace, he just completed his final year of high school this year and will begin pursuing a career in accounting! 

We pray that all of our students will be able to complete their schooling and discover their goals and dreams like Clement has."


"After Esther lost both of her parents at a young age, she became a burden to her extended family, who could not afford to care for her. She joined our My Father's House family at age 12 and started dreaming of becoming a nurse when she was 13 years old. By God's grace, she is now in her last year of Nursing school!

This young woman who was once a burden is now a blessing and inspiration to our younger students, and we pray that all of our students will also‍‍‍ be able to watch their dreams become reality someday. Your financial support for this ministry truly changes lives and enables orphans to reach their God-given potential. Give the gift of hope and transformation today."


"In the summer of 2004, a young orphaned girl named Thoko (pronounced "Toko") was invited to our Camp Hope Bible camp. With no mother or father to care for or shepherd her young life, she was left to fend for herself and her future was uncertain.

God rescued and redeemed His precious little girl by bringing her into our first My Father's House family home, where she was given a new home, mother, siblings, and most importantly, a new hope and a future in Christ.

Today, Thoko has completed her diploma in Journalism, is employed full-time as a government photojournalist, and has moved into her own apartment. This was a far-fetched and seemingly impossible dream when we first met her as a young camper.

Our hope is to see all of our 81 children blossom into the great blessings that God created them to be! We pray that you will join us in this legacy of love!"